Lynn Miller is a Clairvoyant/Psychic/Medium. Maintaining a large client base spanning from Los Angeles to the east coast and overseas, her clients represent a diverse range of professionals in business and industry: including artists and actors in a variety of media (movies, television, etc), as well as those involved in music and literature. The readings, as they are commonly referred to, have a focus on the subject which reveals not only the past and the present - but the future, helping the subject to make better informed personal and business decisions in relation to their existing relationships and connections (in addition to those yet to be formed).

Born in Virginia, Lynn was raised in a small town in Massachusetts with conservative mores and neighborhoods.  By age seven she began to have dreams, yet she was too young and too inexperienced to realize their significance.  It was not until a near death experience in her late teens that triggered her gift, allowing her to command these abilities and understand their potential - not only to gaze into other peoples’ past, but to connect to one's present and future spirit guides to help others as a result of this information. This gift was utilized for the benefit of friends of family, inevitably leading to a client base strictly from personal recommendations and word of mouth.

Having traveled all over the world, Lynn made her home in New York City before transitioning to Los Angeles to make a successful living as a professional makeup artist in the film and television industry. While simultaneously pursuing a fledgling acting career, she worked in capacities ranging from personal assistant to executive assistant for a major film company. Interestingly enough, those celebrities and even her bosses became a loyal portion of her client base. Ultimately, her goal is and has been to assist individuals in realizing their potential both in business and in personal relationships. “Everyone is capable of listening to their own guidance or psychic abilities; however, shedding light and bringing to the fore those messages and intuitions is another goal altogether.” This is where Lynn excels and brings to light a meaning and overall clarity to their callings and interpersonal relationships; where they would otherwise lay dormant and remain an unrealized potential for a lifetime. 

Lynn is now a mother of two boys and currently resides in Los Angeles while her diverse and impressive client base continues to expand. She has recently wrapped a pilot for Fox Television and is engaged to produce two projects she created through development under Maverick Productions. A finalist on Lifetime's "America's Psychic Challenge", Lynn has additionally appeared on VH1 "Couples Therapy" and worked alongside Bravo to host a radio show on CBS, "Radio Zodiac Divas". Lynn is now involved in her own Radio venture "The View From Beyond" while pitching her new reality show to various networks.